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One of the first clubs was formed in 1965 by Fred Carnill and his friends in Rotary who met for morning coffee after their retirement. At the same time in September 1965 Harold Blanchard, Chairman of Caterham Rotary had a similar idea. The inaugural luncheon of the first Probus Club anywhere in the world took place on the 2 March 1966 and in May of that year a committee was formed under the Chairmanship of the late Harold Blanchard, who is now accepted as the “Father figure” of Probus.

Timperley Probus

Timperley Probus Club was formed in 1997 when four fellow Rotarians advertised in Timperley Village shops for retired men to form a club. The adverts attracted a total of 21 men to the first meeting which was held at the Quarry Bank Inn, Timperley on the 30 April 1997. The Club stayed there until September 1998 when it moved to the British Airways Club. The British Airways Club closed in October 2004 and the Club moved to Branksome Hall, Clay Lane, Timperley. In 2019 due to renovation work at Branksome Hall the club moved to Bowdon Rugby Club further down Clay Lane and since Tuesday 26th September 2023 the Club now holds its meetings at Timperley Sports Club on Stockport Road.

Timperley Probus

There is no central world body, it is difficult to tell the exact number of clubs in existence, but there are well over 2000 clubs in Great Britain and Ireland. There are now over 4000 Probus Clubs throughout the world and include USA, Canada, India, Belgium, Spain, Australia, New Zealand and several other countries in Africa and Asia. All the Clubs follow the original ideas of providing a gathering of like-minded retired people and because of this simple philosophy is growing at a tremendous rate both for men and women.

Timperley Probus
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