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List of Speakers


6th August - 'Painting the Saints' by Paul Gillyon

20th August - 'Baron Egerton' by Corey Estensen

3rd September - 'The Roman Occupation of Britain' by Bryan Corke

17th September - 'To Infinity and Beyond' by Richard Kennon

1st October - 'A walk in the Himalayas' by John Carpenter

15th October - 'Air Traffic Control' by Nicky Patterson

29th October - 'Trafford Park' by Judy Popley

12th November - 'From Barrow to Baghdad' by Philip Caine

26th November - 'Appeasement' by Dave Walmsley

10th December - 'The Hale Ukulele Band'  by Jean Peters


Previous talks have been on many varied subjects and have included :-


Black Holes, The Raid on Peenemunde, The North West Passage, History of Panama Canal, Wartime Resistance in Holland, Antarctica, Forensic Science, Western Woman in a Muslim World, Lady Randy, Churchill’s mother, Clashes with the KGB, In the steps of Livingstone, Crystal Palace and the Great Exhibition, History of Recorded Music, The Hungarian uprising and my escape, DNA, it's use in Criminal  investigations, A Yorkshireman in the Lancashire Leagues, An Englishwoman in the White House, Life and work of an Astronaut, The Science of Detection, The Young Queen, History of the English Longbow, Bletchley Park, Dynastic China, Old Comedians, The Captive Queen, Milestones in Forensic Science, Florence Nightingale, The Spitfire Wing, Commonwealth Graves, Robert Burns, life and loves, Mitford Girls, Hitler's Double-cross, Hidden Gems of Manchester, 3D Printing,  Medical Imaging, RAF, Inheritance tales of a Litigator, Rebirth of VW, Edward Elgar-The Real Enigma, DIY Surgery, Reinvestigation Moors Murders, Battle of Waterloo, Behind the Mic- Radio Lancashire, Life and Times of a Busker, History of Mobile Phones, Life of an Auctioneer, Roman Occupation of Britain, Queen Victoria, History of Rubber Technology, Working with Manchester Homeless, RNLI, 1919 jazz arrives in Britain, Howard Somerville, Everest Pioneer& Missionary, Earthquakes, The Hunt for Hitler's Aerospace Secrets, Lies, damned lies, and statistics, How to avoid being scammed, Climate Change, Are we alone? The search for Life Beyond, The Falklands War, Cheshire's Ancient Mariner, The Lives and Music of Rodgers & Hart, The History of Christies Hospital, The Origin of Nursery Rhymes Parts 1&2, Entrepreneurs and their Empires, Faith, Fun and Fellowship, Regional Dialects, Casualties Union, The trials and tribulations of a wedding photographer, The 7 Years War, Life as a market trader, The Darling Buds of Maie, Sounds of the 50s, Mrs Pankhurst and The Suffragettes, A musical journey to America and back, Northerners, A Town in Crisis, Operation Mincemeat, Islands of the South Atlantic, The Gretna Girls and the Devil's Porridge, Growing up in the 40s and Northern Humour, The Battle of Agincourt, Working Mens' Clubs, Over paid and over here, Escape from Burma, The British in India, Paddy the Mole Catcher, The 60's, Decay or Decadence, Cartoonist, Eric Winkle Brown - Pilot, Life of a Prison Officer, Climate change & Electric Vehicles, The Reluctant Shepherdess, Bringing Law to life with laughter, Dodie Smith - Beyond the Spots, Fridtjof Nansen, The Battle of Mirbat, Life times of a Busker, Zeppelin Ship of Dreams, Through the eyes of a magician. The Life of a Prison Governor. The History of Manchester Theatres. Hale U3A Ukulele Band. Churchill. The Great Musicals of Stage & Screen. The Rise of Hitler. Made in Manchester. The Iditarod Trail.  Blind Veterans. The Exceptional Life of Howard Hughes. A lifetime on Cormorant Alpha. The Landscape of the Peak District. Writing Crime Fiction. Confessions of an Immigration Judge. The History of AVRO. Stalin. Memories of the Sixties. The Ted Heath Story.

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